The company I. GRAMMENOS & Co. recognizes its responsibility to prevent any kind of infection, and the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. Also is committed to analyze every aspect of its work on the effects on the environment and to make positive moves to reduce this effect.

Our aim is to achieve continuous environmental improvement. Comply with any relevant environmental legislation and where it is possible we will implement practices that precede future legislation.

We base our environmental program at the principles of the reduction and reuse of resources and we are committed to continually reviewing it.


To revise the energy used in the production of our products. To review and reduce the energy used in other areas of our company.

Raw materials

  • Paper

To use recycled paper in which we are permitted from the use of the products, and from the law that defines the suitability of materials that contacts with food.

  • Forestry

When using paper from virgin fiber, to confirm that they come from renewable forests controlled by the companies producing paper.

  • Chemically

To use products that have the required performance, but also have the lowest possible environmental impact of the manufacture and use.

  • Package

To use packaging that protects our products from misuse or contamination while having low environmental impact.

  • Waste

To reduce waste in the production process, waste of administrative functions. All waste generated must be recycled or reused where it is possible, otherwise to be deposited in accordance with environmental legislation.

This policy is notified to all employees of the company and will be checked annually by management.