The company I.GRAMMENOS & Co was founded in 1938 by John Grammenos in Thessaloniki with main  activity the production and printing of paper bags.

Turning to the second generation, the sons of the founder Anastasios and Fotis Grammenos consolidated their presence, as a serious and reliable company in the industry.

This is the period which marked the big leap and from a small company at Ladadika of Thessaloniki, was transferred in 1973 to private facilities 2.500m2 at the 16th km of Thessaloniki - Serres where is today.

With the ongoing legacy of quality-oriented and technology, the third generation of the company puts new goals and setting new visions for implementation.

So goes from 2002 to the certification standard ISO 9001/2000 to be able to meet the increasing needs of its customers and makes a large investment program for technological upgrading and production equipment.

In the process developed by 2011 a commercial sector company with a full range of disposable packaging, to meet all the needs of our customers.

Parallel implemented new investment projects relating to the renewal and improvement of equipment and facilities.

Moreover renews its corporate image through its presence at exhibitions and through the full exploitation of the possibilities offered by the Internet and new technologies.

This is the way we choose to continue to offer the same quality which is known to our customers and to penetrate new markets internationally.